How strong, brave and intelligent of Khalid Ibnu Walid?

Khalid Ibn Walid known for his brave behavior while on battlefield. In addition, he is also known as wisely commandant during strategize, let's find out the story and behavior of Khalid Ibn Walid. As early as 5 years of age, Khalid Ibn Walid was thought by his warrior father to master the skills of using weapons. Read More

How Tariq Bin Ziad strategize battles and achieved victory?

Gibriltar is an area south of spain that is under the British jurisdiction. Its name comes from the Arabic name "Jabal Tariq" and was named after the famous Muslim general Tariq ibn Ziyad, who conquered the Iberian peninsula in 711 A,D. At the time Tariq ibn Ziyad, a 75-year old man, was one of the greatest Muslim generals who served under the North African governor Musa ibn Nusayr. Read More

Who is Musa Bin Nushair?

Musa bin Nushair was born in the year of 19th Hijrah during the reign of Caliph Saidina Umar bin Khattab Radialahu Anhu (RA). He was the son of Nushair, a commandant in the army of the Bani Umaiyah (Umaiyah Dynasty). Mu'awiyah bin Abu Sufyan was the Caliph of the Bani Umaiyah at that time. Musa grew up to be a brave warrior like his father. He was sent as a representative of the governor in North Africa. Read More

How perseverance Abdullah Ibn Masud as a companion?

Among the companions, Abdullah Ibn Mas'ood was well known as the best at reciting the Quran and he understood it better than them all. Therefore, he was the most knowledgeable man on the matters regarding the Syariah. Sayyidina Umar Ibn Khattab once stood on the plain of Arafat when a man came to him and said 'I have come, O Amirul Mukminin, from Kufa where I left a man filling copies of the Quran from memory.' Read More

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Imam Hanafi ways reign as a leader

Imam (Spritual leader) Hanafi bin Tsabit was born in Kufah in the year 80th Hijrah by the name of Nu'man. The Islamic rule at that time was under Abdul Malik bin Marwan, the 5th caliph of the Umayyah Caliphate. Ever since he was small, Imam Hanafi was very interested in acquiring knowledge. He went to many places and became a student of many teachers. He grew up to be a very knowledgeable and intelligent person, especially in the field of Islamic studies. Read More

Every human being is capable of change if he really wants it

"By thy life, when I carried a banner to give al-Lat's cavalry the victory over Prophet Muhammad SAW, I was like one going astray in the darkness of the night, but now I am led on the right track. I could not guide myself, and he who with Allah overcame me. Was he whom I had driven away with all my might. I used to do all I could to keep men from Prophet Muhammad SAW, and I was called a relative of his, though I did not claim the relation. Read More

Don't judge a woman by her appearance

Nasibah was a great woman Muslim fighter who took part in the Battle of Badar alongside her husband, Zaid bin Hashim. She was very good in sword fighting, a talent and skill that she acquired since she was a small girl. She married Zaid bin Hashim and was bestowed with a baby boy, Habib. The couple was among the first group of people who embraced Islam in Medina. And they were among the group members who went to see Prophet Muhammad (SAW) at Aqaba Hill and pledged allegiance to the Prophet. Read More

King Mahmud as a responsible leader

King Mahmud bin Sabaktakin was a great leader of Islam who was in power in the year 389th Hijrah. A brave leader, he was assigned by Caliph Al Qodir Billah of the Abbasiah Caliphate to invade some districts. He invaded Khurasan and managed to extend his territories up to the tip of India and Naisabur. After winning the battles, his main mission was to demolish a big idol worshipped by the local people and those who came from far away. Read More

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The importance of knowledge for Imam Shafie

Muhammad bin Idris was born an orphan. His father, Idris bin Abbas, died when he was still not born. He was raised up by his mother, Fathimah binti Abdullah, in Mecca. Though they led a difficult life, Fathimah was determined to ensure his son grew up as a knowledgeable person. He taught his son religious knowledge. At the age of nine, Muhammad had already memorised the Al Quran. He acquired knowledge form renowned teachers. Read More

Bravery is a key factor to success

Al Hajaj Bin Yusuf was the governor of Baghdad during the reign of Caliph Abdul Malik Bin Marwan. He was a fierce and cruel governor, feared by friends and foes. Those who opposed him and the Baghdad government would be punished and killed. Nobody dared to go against him and he got whatever he wanted. One day, he led his soldiers to attack a clan who went against the Baghdad rule. They moved under the scorching sun and had to take a rest in the middle of their journey. Read More

The Lion of God and Paradise

Hamzah was a companion and uncle to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH and during his life he was known as The Lion of God or The Lion of Paradise and he was a brave man devoted to protect the Muslimin from harm. He was a man skilled in wrestling, archery and swordsmanship and he was really fond of hunting. Hamzah was described as the 'strongest man of the Quraisy and the most unyielding'. However, his good heart helped him to channel his expertise in protecting his nephew, Muhammad PBUH and the Muslimin whether in public or in battle. Read More

Spreading and defending Islamic unity

Abdur Rahman came to power as the ruler of Andalusia at the age of 25 years. He was from the Umayyah family. Although young, Abdur Rahman possessed all the qualities of a good leader. He was intelligent, far sighted and a good war strategist. Three main principles were the basis of his administration, the people, nation and Islam. Although a leader, he was humble and did not want people to adore him. Read More

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Leading the Muslim conquest of Egypt

Amr bin Ash was a Quraish nobility and one of those who opposed Islam. He and his group were considered killers who threatened and attacked the Muslims. They were the stumbling block in the spread of Islam. Amr was an intelligent person and a sucessful merchant. He used to travel across the oceans in doing business. On one of his business trips to Habsyi, the king, Negus, who was already a Muslim, persuaded him to embrace Islam. Read More

The brave, uncle of the holy Prophet

Sayyidina Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib was an uncle of Prophet Muhammad. He was a very brave warrior and was given the nickname The Lion of Allah. The enemy feared him and his presence in the battle field had always put the Quraish army in disarray while many of their soldiers killed. For that reason, the Quraish wanted him dead. Among them were Hindun, the wife of Abu Sufiyan and Jubair bin Muth'im. . Read More

Honesty is the key to success

The spread of Islam faced many challenges. Obstructions that came into the way were especially from three groups, namely the Mushrikin (Unbelievers) in Mecca. The Jews in Medina and the Munafikin (Pretenders of Islam). While it was easy to face the Mushrikin and the Jews because they opposed Islam openly, it was difficult to identify the Munafikin. They were great pretenders. Read More

Harakah figures and idols of the ascetic

Jundub ibn Janadah, nicknamed Abu Dzar lived in small town, Ghifar, with his wife. They were very poor. When he heard the news that Muhammad had become a Prophet - Peace Be Upon Him (PBUH) and the messenger of Allah, he went to Mecca riding on a camel borrowed from his friend, Anis. The day Abu Dzar on his way to Mecca, he was a peculiar person. Read More

The fortunate martyr

One day, Prophet Muhammad had a discussion with his close friends who listened very attentively to what he said. "Be informed! Among you all (who were present), there is a man whose molar in the hell will be bigger than Uhud Hill!" On hearing that, those present were alarmed and worried. Not long after, one by one of those present in the discussion with the Prophet died as shuhada (martyr). Read More

Crusaders' destructor

The crusaders had the big ambition of conquering the Arab territories to strengthen their power and widen their control. The first move was by taking control of Jerusalem. It was an easy target as the Muslims were not well prepared. Kaisar (king) Alexius sent his most trusted aid, Batiacus to meet Paus Urbanus II requesting their helps to attack Jerusalem. Read More

First Arab siege of Constantinople

The Prophet and his companions entered Madinah, then known as Yathrib. Riding on his camel, the Messenger advanced amidst the massive crowd that turned up to welcome him with overflowing enthusiasm and love. The crowd with their tribal chiefs stood along his path longing for the rare honour of the Prophet being their guest and each one of them trying to stop the camel at their door and entreating the Prophet that he be his guest. Read More

Suhaib The Roman

Suhaib ibn Sinan (also know as Suhaib Ar-Rumy) was born surrounded by comfort and luxury. His father was a famous ambassadors from the Persian empire in Roman cities long before the advent of Islam. Young Suhaib was captured along with a large number of young boys in his community by some Roman invaders and spent years in bondage in the Byzantine Empire. Suhaib was taken by slave traders until finally his long journey ended in Makkah. Read More

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